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We all have a story.

Let us help you publish it.
Lucie Dickenson

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Lucie Dickenson at a book signing

Lucie Dickenson brings over 30 years of experience in content development and marketing. After receiving a BA in English, she began working for a Fortune 100 company, creating, implementing, and delivering training materials. In addition, Lucie led teams and processes for new and experienced employees. This experience made her realize that her passion was storytelling, writing, and coaching. With four books herself, three being Amazon #1 bestsellers, Lucie revels in helping budding authors write their stories and get their books into the world through book publishing.

Lucie wanted to create a one-stop writing, publishing, and marketing center to assist small business owners, authors, and speakers in telling their stories. This desire led to the creation of StarLight Books. 

Our team at StarLight Books is committed to designing multi-functional services to meet current and future needs and enjoying a true partnership that celebrates our clients' successes!



Books are available at all bookstores.
Please support your local independent bookshop. 

The Santa Claus Key

by Lyndsay D Martin

Where Was God At The Beach

by Debbie Menold Marini

You Don't Know Jack!

by Bobbi Rise

Where Was God at the Beach?
You Don't Know Jack!
The Santa Clause Key


by Dylan Finn

Where Was God In the City?

by Debbie Menold Marini


by Maxine Bilotti

The Eight Hour Angel

Salt Water for Your Spirit

An Anthology of Authors

The Eight Hour Angel

by Lucie Dickenson

Where Was God In The Mountains

by Debbie Menold Marini

Where Was God In the City_edited.jpg
Salt Water for Your Spirit
Library Bookshelves

StarLight Books is a boutique publishing house that prides itself on delivering quality books and services. Therefore, all potential clients are selected through a vetting process, which begins by clicking the submission button below. 

StarLight Books' mission is to publish books that bring light into the world. We are currently accepting submissions; please click below and follow the instructions to submit your manuscript. 

Please get in touch with us to learn more. 



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