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Begin Marketing Your Book

Now that you are an author, it is your job to sell your book, and you do that by marketing your book and getting scheduled for events. The best book in the world may never be known if it is not being talked about, marketed, or beliveved in....

  • Before you even have your book, you can begin preparing. Decide if you want an author landing page or website. You create an opt-in email list so that when you make announcements such as a book cover reveal, pre-sale info, and book release dates, you can send an email blast to all who have signed up. And once your book is ready for pre-sale, you can choose to sell your book on your site. 

  • Networking with other authors, writing groups, and any groups related to your book's subject matter will help market your book. 

  • Begin talking about your book everywhere you go. You may be surprised how many people want to know more and ask where they can get it! 

  • When you announce your book cover reveal, send it to everyone- family, friends, co-workers, groups you are in, schools, teachers, etc....

  • Social media can be a great marketing tool, and the sky is the limit on how you wish it to work to help you sell your book. You can passively post about your book or pay for ads. It all depends on your goals and what you wish for your book. 

  • You can begin writing a blog and talk about your book.

  • Your email signature can be a marketing avenue; add a picture of your book and the title - under your name (with the author designation too!) 

  • Go on podcasts and interviews, and get in magazine articles. How, you ask? Network! Ask in a post! Ask at a bookstore! Ask a shop owner! As your publisher (yes, I can help point you in many directions!) 

  • Get reviews online! 

  • Create a GoodReads page.

  • Create an Author Central Page on Amazon 

  • Write articles on LinkedIn. 

  • Write articles on Medium. 

  • Have a contest where someone wins a book.

  • Join book signings and other author events.

  • Create events on EventBrite and social media and invite people to your pre-sale or book launch


It is a job to be an author, and the job will pay off if you do the work! 

Remember, StarLight Books schedules three signing events to get you started once your book is for sale, but as you can see from this page, there is much to do before your book is even published! 

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