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Contact StarLight Books

Please get in touch with StarLight Books by email. Texting is not an option for correspondence with StarLight Books. There may be minor exceptions during book signings/in-person events/emergencies when the author and Lucie (or a team member) need to get in touch quickly. These instances are the exceptions. Please do NOT text anything that you wish to have StarLight Books review or that is time sensitive such as manuscripts, book covers, edits, illustrations, etc, your text will not be saved or returned. All correspondence must go through email. All emails will be acknowledged within two business days, (if there is a need for a response). If we are out of the office, you will get an automated response with our return date. 




To contact Lucie, use

Schedule A Call: 

If you need to schedule a call, use this link which has StarLight Books updated schedule and availability 

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