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Editing Your Manuscript

Editing with StarLight Books is a scheduled process. The author will have three editing passes on their manuscript; the third is final approval. The process will be different with each genre of book. However, the similar steps are as follows: 

Pass 1

The author will receive an email with an attachment of their manuscript with developmental edits (for memoirs, non-fiction, and fiction), changes to illustrations and developmental recommendations (for children's books), and global grammar edits. 

Edit 1

The author will complete the edits in an agreed-upon timeframe, and StarLight (Lucie or a team member) will discuss the revisions with the author. 

StarLight team members will then read the edits ( we want at least three sets of eyes on the changes) and note the developmental changes and the flow of the manuscript. There will be a second discussion with the author about any updates needed from this first edit. 

Pass 2

The author receives a second edit which in most cases is a line edit and grammar edit. This is no longer a global flow edit but more about the details. 

Edit 2

The author reviews/completes the edits suggested/warranted in this edit in an agreed-upon timeframe. StarLight team then reviews the changes made by the author; and makes any additional suggestions to the author, checking grammar once again. 

Pass 3

The author receives a final pass to review their manuscript and cover to approve for final processing. In this stage, there may not be any changes, but just a last look and approval. Sometimes there are minor edits, such as a word change/grammar catch. The author signs off on the final copy, and your book is ready for the next step in the publishing process!

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