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Illustration Guidelines

The author must submit illustrations for children's books to StarLight Books up front with their manuscript. If you are writing a children's book and do not have graphics, StarLight Books cannot begin publishing your book. 

Before the author accepts the final approval for illustrations, please note StarLight Books requires the source file of those illustrations for any edits and revisions needed (this is so we can complete minor formatting and text edits. StarLight Books would also prefer the illustrator NOT add the manuscript text to the pictures, as this adds another layer for editing. The StarLight Books Team can add the manuscript text once the illustrations are finalized and approved. However, sometimes it makes sense for the artist to complete the text/font with their drawings. In this case, ensure you have the "source file to author" in your agreement with the artist. 

A source file is NOT a PDF; it is the source file in the platform the artist created their illustrations. Examples are Photoshop, InDesign, and Canva. 

StarLight Books will credit the artist on the copyright page. (unless the artist is a freelancer who does not want/require credit/and has given rights to the author) 

If you are looking for an artist to create your illustrations, StarLight Books has a few local artists that can work directly with you. Otherwise, many artists, graphic artists, and freelancers have experience creating illustrations for books to fit all budgets. 


Unfortunately, if StarLight Books does not have the source files, and there are mistakes, edits needed, and sizing issues with the illustrations, this will hold up the publishing process. And if the author cannot get in touch with the illustrator or the contract between the author/illustrator has been finalized, and the illustrator is not cooperating with sharing the source files,  the author may need to get a new illustrator at the author's expense. To avoid this, please know upfront what platform the artist works from and ensure your contract allows for the source files. 


If you are using a painting or a drawing, please ensure you have permission to use these illustrations. The StarLight Books team will add the text from your manuscript to these illustrations once the author has provided us with proof of consent/licensing.

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