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When do I get my royalties? 

Author Royalties are paid on a set schedule, as follows: 

From Print on Demand Distributor: 


  • The FIRST Publisher Royalties for your specific book (check with FAQ How Do Royalties Work) are sent to StarLight Books 90 days after your book launch date. 

  • StarLight Books gets the FIRST Publisher Royalties on day 90 and will have another 30 days to invoice and send the royalties to the author.

  • After this first payment, all additional royalty payments to the author will be made on a six-month (plus 30-day) period. StarLight Books receives Publisher Royalties every six months. StarLight Books will invoice and send royalties to the author within 30 days of receiving the Publisher Royalties from the distributor.

  • StarLight Books reserves the right to hold back a percentage of the author royalties that equal the monetary amount of returns, plus shipping costs, for your book. 

  • If the cost of the returns exceeds the cost of the author royalties ( as outlined in your contract), the author will be invoiced a bill payable to StarLight Books for the loss. This is money owed to the distributor for returns.

  • The last two points only apply if your book is returnable. 

  • If you wish to change your book from returnable to non-returnable, booksellers will continue to have the right to return books for a period of 180 days from the date we provide notice to the distributor. 

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