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Your book helps your business...

If you have a business, your book can help that business grow. Here are five ways being an author can help your business:​

  1. Credibility and Expertise. Writing a book is a powerful and also effective way to gain credibility. Becoming an author can establish you as an expert in your field.

  2. Your book serves as a credible business card. When you utilize your book as a calling card, it is an incredible gain; it will be on the bookshelf or coffee table at the book buyer's home or office, so when they think of your specific expertise, they will see your book and think of you! 

  3. Being introduced as an author when speaking gives a status, especially best-selling authors, who absolutely enrich the event lineup or can be a stand-alone speaker.

  4. Your fees for your expert services and speaking prices can be higher once you have written a book. Being an author provides credibility and authority. 

  5. And, of course, royalties! Yes, there are royalties for single book sales, but remember, there can be bulk orders from companies, schools, and programs that need you as their expert! When you seek out these opportunities, it is a win-win. You help someone/a group with their "problem," and you get paid for your expertise. 

Lucie Dickenson 

StarLight Books

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