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Announcing your book cover

Your book cover reveal is a special time for an author. It is the first time many readers will learn you are writing a book, so you will want to get it out there in a way that resonates with you and your audience!

There are several ways you can reveal your cover. The two most popular are a picture of the book cover and a narrative to accompany the image or a video in which the authors talk about the book. Both are great options.


A picture of the book cover and a narrative to accompany it or a video in which the author talks about the book have the same goals: 

  • Talk about your inspiration for the cover.

  • Share how you felt when you saw the cover for the first time.

  • Describe your book and how the cover represents what a reader will read/learn/understand when they open the book. 

  • The post/narrative or video should be brief; get to the above points. However, while it need not be long, it should be personal and authentic. We connect when we are honest! 

  • Have background music volume at low if you choose to use music in your video, and the piece should fit the book's message. 

  • You will want a copy of your book cover for the video. If you do not have a physical copy, you can print one on heavy cardstock at a local printing shop. You can then use this on your author table at book signings. 

  • A call to action. Even though this is a cover reveal, you will want a call to action to let everyone know when the book will be on pre-sale and, ultimately, when it will be released. 

  • This cover reveal should be blasted out to all social media, your website, email, text, your newsletters, etc... anywhere you have an audience make sure you link it! 

  • Starlight will forward your annoucements and will add your cover to StarLIght social media, groups, on the website, and in newsletters. 

  • If you do not have a social media presence or do not have an author website, please look at the page Begin Marketing Your Book

Remember, you should show the cover whenever you talk about your book or post a video. This is the best marketing for your book!

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