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Final Launch Calendar

StarLight authors now receive a Final Launch Calendar which is a shared document between the author and StarLight Books. While there is not a perfect timeline and deadlines change due to factors in editing, transcript readiness, as well as outside factors, the spreadsheet is a great guide to keep the author updated on the process and the status of your book. This timeline invcludes: 

  • FInalize the title and subtitle

  • Send ideas for cover out for design

  • Page number estimate to explain royalties/email

  • Write book description and back cover copy

  • Final manuscript to editor

  • Any changes to front cover/back cover copy

  • Final page number to price book/final royalty info 

  • Formatting Manuscript

  • Assign ISBN/Request LCCN

  • Finalize the front cover design/back cover

  • First pass review to author/resolve issues 

  • Second pass review to author/resolve issues

  • Third and final pass to author 

  • Complete cover wrap + spine sizing 

  • Upload print book files 

  • Order author copy for review 

  • Author book in hand review/ author copy review 

  • Pre-Sale Available 

  • Order boxes as author requests 

  • Update categories

  • Keywords

  • Book Launch - event or signing 1

  • Book Signings 2

  • Book Signing 3 

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