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Book Categories

Book Categories and Book Keywords are how readers can find your book, so it is crucial that you have them updated. 

StarLight Books will have a discussion with you about keywords and categories for your book. When StarLight uploads your manuscript, there are global categories and keywords that we fill in. However, once this download is complete, the author can get specific with their book categories on Amazon through Author Central. 

Author Central is the author's back "office" for their book on Amazon. You can update your bio, see book sales (only Amazon), and many other tasks/functions. One of those functions is the ability to update the categories your book will be found when searched. You can have your book in 10 categories (at least at the time this FAQ was written), and StarLight recommends you update them before your book launch. 

Remember, this is not something StarLight Books can do, as it is an author-specific function through Amazon. However, StarLIght Books can give you the beginning steps to open your Author Central account and to create your categories. 

  1. Go to Amazon Author Central 

  2. Follow the directions to set up your account

  3. Click on your bio and edit if needed 

  4. Click on categories and follow the directions to add your categories. 

  5. Update as needed

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