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Book Signings

What do I need for my book signing? 

Well, you really don't NEED anything but yourself and your books, but here is a list of some things you may want for your book launch: 

  • Sharpies! You will want some great markers to sign your books. 

  • A table. Many venues and bookstores have a table for you to set up, but others do not. It is wise to have a small folding table if you want to attend signings. 

  • Something to cover the table, like a tablecloth, great to be in your book's color

  • Signs. How you market yourself and present yourself is entirely up to you, but signage does make a difference. You can get a step and repeat, a table sign, or both. A large sign with your book cover is a great attractor at book signings!

  • Some small giveaways, so when someone buys your book, they get a bookmark, sticker, or something related to your book. 

  • And of course, you will want books for your signing. The books are at the author's expense, so the author can decide how many books they would like to order. As discussed on the POD vs Offset Printing page, you can determine if you want to order from POD, which will be more expensive but can be smaller orders, or Offset, which will be cheaper (most times) the more books you purchase. 

  • Make sure you post on social media, your website, and any newsletters you send, as well as share any posts StarLight and the Book Signing venue post. People only know about your event if you let them know. 

  • You can also create an event on EventBrite or a social media app... and invite your friends and colleagues directly so they know it is happening! 

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