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Book Consignment

What is book consignment? 

Book Consignment means rather than a bookstore ordering your book for an event or just in general, you take copies of your book to the store for them to sell. If a book sells, you get a percentage of the sale. Consignment arrangements typically are in effect for a set period. After this time, if a sale is not made, the goods are returned to their owner.

Most of the local book signings are consignment agreements. This means you, the author, must have ordered books well ahead of time for any of your events (please see Ordering Books page) . The author will pay for their book order (StarLight Books can help you with the ordering process) and then can bring the books to events and signings. 

Every bookstore and shop will have its own consignment agreement. This agreement is between the author and the bookstore, not StarLight Books, which means you, the author, get paid directly from the bookstore/shop. 

Please know it is not personal if a shop asks to remove your book; it is because bookstores move books and real estate is tight in their store. If they can ask you to settle your account, do it timely so they know you are an author they will want to work with again and again. 

Steps for an author to set up a consignment agreement:

  1. Contact the owner of the shop (in person with your book is best)

  2. Discuss your book and why you think it would be great in their shop

  3. Ask about their consignment agreement (% split between author and shop, as well as the terms)

  4. Some may have you sign an agreement 

  5. Leave books with the shop (amount will be shop specific) 

  6. Check in at 30/60 days for sales updates (or specific terms in the agreement) and depending upon the sales, you may be asked for more books or to close out your account. Or to circle back at a later time (example: seasonal books)

  7. Payment will be directly to you, the author. 

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