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Salt Water for Your Spirit- Stories from the Jersey Shore submission page.

Do you have a story from your days at the Jersey Shore that you would like to share? We would love to read it! This is the submission page for Salt Water for Your Spirit:Stories From The Jersey Shore stories. Please follow the submission guidelines below. Thank you!


Please, use this form for the Salt Water for Your Spirit Stories of the Jersey Shore submissions. If you have a manuscript for a book please submit under the submissions page. If you have been in contact with StarLight Books and have had communications, please, email them directly.

Guidelines for Stories of the Jersey Shore 

  1. Write about a fun, exciting or heartfelt story of your experience at the Jersey Shore. 

  2. These are short stories, so no introduction is needed, begin with the story...

  3. Stories will be no more than 1500 words.

  4. These are real expereinces and stories- no fiction please

  5. Yes to specific stories. Example "I ran out into the waves and felt something brush against my right leg..." or "That night I could not believe the crowd at Mary Husband's Pub, we were shoulder to shoulder and I could not hear John say he loved me because band was so loud..." 

  6. No general stories. Example "I loved my days going to the Jersey Shore. I remember every year we would go to the boardwalk and then to the arcade. I really loved going to the beach with my family..."

Please no...

  1. No Politics, hateful stories or controversial issues. StarLight's mission is books that bring light into the the world. 

  2. No second hand stories. These are your stories

  3. No plagiarism, and/or use of quotes or lyrics from other sources.

  4. No biographies

  5. No promotions or marketing of a business, company or personal start-up. 

NOTE: We will only contact those that may be a contributing author to this book. You may submit more that one story but each story must have a seperate submission If you are accepted as a contributing author, there will be a $299 fee which includes editing and formatting of your story, access to the author's lounge, a book launch party/signing for contributing authors, and of course your name as contributing author on the book. 

PUBLISHING DATE: Projected date is summer 2024

ROYALTIES: Book royalties for online sales directly though the distributor are split evenly between contributing authors. 

If a contributing author wishes to purchase books at cost, they would keep 100% of royalties/money made from selling of those books purchased at cost. 


Story and Author Details

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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