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Different Book Formats

StarLight Books is able to publish your book in many different formats. 

  • Paperback

  • Hardcopy 

  • Children's Book

  • EBook/Kindle

  • Audio Books

  • Picture Book

  • Board Book 

  • Oversized Book 

Not every manuscript needs to be, or should be in every format. 

Most authors with StarLight Books choose a paperback for a memoir or non-fiction book and a hard copy for a children's book, but this is up to you and StarLight will discuss your goals with you so that you have the book you want out in the world! 

Please understand, your StarLight Contract is for ONE format that is outlined in your contract. There is a fee for additional formats, as there are further changes to the manuscript, more time, and a new ISBN/Barcode needed. Let StarLight Books know if you wish to have your book in multiple formats, we can create that for you and add that to your contract. 

As the author and owner of your book rights, you can also create your own additional formats! 

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